OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE: First thing is first, we are not qualified psychotherapists and we are not doctors. But nor do we claim to be. Our mission here is simple. We acknowledge the gap between a person having atypical psychological symptoms and going to get help. This charity was founded in the hopes of advising clients and service users who are worried about themselves. We can provide advice over the internet through different forms of communication but we will never reveal personal information about ourselves to the client and of course, we are bound by a duty of confidentiality, and would never reveal information about our clients, unless we deemed their to be a risk to the client or to others. CONFIDENTIALITY As previously stated we are bound by a duty of confidentiality and normally would never release or share information about our clients. We do not keep detailed records in a public building and our records are never kept on an electronic system. The only instance confidentiality may be broken is if we deem their to be a risk to the service user or to another member of the public.

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